Don’t Lose Your 30 Years of Independence

Merton Ward Boundary Review

You may not have heard of the Boundary Commission, but if you live or vote in Merton Park Ward, you will soon be affected by its rulings.  For the Boundary Commission proposes to reduce the size of Merton Park Ward by moving all the roads north of Kingston Road into an enlarged Trinity Ward, and all the roads west of Watery Lane into Cannon Hill Ward.  The map shows the roads affected.  In total more than 1500 voters will be lost from Merton Park Ward, which will be reduced from three to two Councillors.

In essence it means 30 years of independence destroyed at the stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen!

We think this is a disastrous proposal for the community in Merton Park. The ward is unique among Merton’s 20 wards in having Independent Councillors to represent its residents.  Analysis by the council shows Merton Park Ward has the highest levels of social capital of all the wards in Merton.  In other words, it’s a thriving community, residents are sociable and willing to get involved with active volunteers and caring for each other. Of course, you knew that already if you live here.

But if you live in one of the roads affected (check the list below), you will no longer be a resident of Merton Park Ward in two years’ time if the Boundary Commission has its way.  You won’t have the opportunity to vote for the Merton Park Independents at the local elections in 2022, as 57% of you did in 2018.

Instead you will be voting in Cannon Hill Ward (currently three Councillors, three different political parties), or Trinity Ward (currently three Councillors, two parties).  But no Merton Park Independent candidate in either Ward.

Have your say:

If you object to this procrustean* imposition from the Boundary Commission, please email or write a letter to let them know, stressing how important community links will be lost if this goes ahead.

Email referencing “Merton Boundary Review – Merton Park Ward” or write to:
Review Officer (Merton), The Local Government Boundary Commission for England, 1st floor, Windsor House, 50 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0TL

The closing date for the consultation,  is Monday 2nd March 2020 – and please copy in so that we know you’ve responded.

Roads lost from Merton Park Ward

north of Kingston Road (east to west)
Henfield Road, Merton Hall Road, Quintin Avenue, Richmond Avenue, Chatsworth Avenue, Sandringham Avenue, Rothesay Avenue,
Kingston Road (north side)
west of Watery Lane (north to south)
Kingston Road (south side), Watery Lane (west side), Manor Gardens, Manor Road, Cleveland Avenue, Cannon Hill Lane, Bakers End,
Chase Court, Aylward Road, Hadleigh Close

See the full proposals for all Merton Wards


*In Greek mythology, Procrustes was a bandit who stretched or amputated the limbs of travellers to make them fit the length of his iron bed

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  1. Any views on the tower block they are planning to put in your ward at Wimbledon Chase Station? It will form a nice bookend with the White Hart site 🙂

  2. Dear Kevin,

    Thank you for your comment. As it is still at a very early, speculative stage with no formal plans being submitted, I think it is worth waiting to see how the developers respond to residents’ concerns and address some of the issues that are being raised. But of course we are keeping a close eye on any submissions!

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