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Welcome to the website of the Merton Park Ward Residents’ Association (MPWRA). Here’s where to get updates on local events happening in Merton Park and the surrounding area; Plus issues affecting your neighbourhood, read information behind the stories and give your opinions on things that matter to you. Come along to one of our popular monthly meetings, and hear from your local Councillor’s as well as having the opportunity to ask questions. Sign up to our email alerts, and take a look at FORUM the bi-annual newsletter of Merton Park Ward Residents’s Association. Finally of course, why not show your support and become a member of MPWRA?  

View of Merton Park Ward from top of Civic Centre

Join us at our next meeting…

Merton Park Ward Meeting poster March 2020

(Can you display a Merton Park Ward Residents’ Association meeting poster for us? simply click on the image above and a pdf will open in a new tab for you to print and display).

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