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Planning Permission Granted for Hotel in Morden

Merton’s Planning Applications Committee (PAC) granted planning permission, subject to conditions, for a new hotel with  seven storeys on Crown Lane at the junction with Windermere Avenue.  Despite strong representations from MPWRA and many local residents, in writing beforehand, and verbally at the meeting by your councillors and MPWRA committee members, the application was approved with 9 PAC members in favour and only one against.

We had two main reasons for objection.  First was the obvious effect of the height and mass towering over the two storey houses on Windermere and Grasmere Avenues. The closest house goes from 6 hours of direct sunlight in the garden per day to 2 hours – OK because 2 hours meets regulations !

The officers’ report recommended approval citing the benefits of regeneration,  and  national and  local  policies, set out in Merton’s new Local Plan,  requiring optimum use of sites,

The other main concern was  the  impact on the existing wind tunnel. Notwithstanding lived experience otherwise, the specialist engineer, commissioned by the applicant, advised that computer modelling showed no increased risks. Their analysis is based on industry-wide standards using climate data from Heathrow and London City Airports. “Modelling” can’t take actual gusts into account it seems!

PAC members from the Political parties all voted for approval and there are technical reasons why we can’t appeal against a PAC decision, but the approval is subject to conditions which will require further planning approvals and we will be monitoring them.

Please see poster above for details of our meeting on 7th May where there will be discussion of the implications of this decision.

Hubert Child, Chair MPWRA


Development in Morden

13th April 2024 – Important information about the scale of future development in Morden town centre and a forthcoming planning application for a 7 storey hotel at the junction of Crown Lane and Windermere Avenue can be found at the following two links. Please click on these to find out more as responses are encouraged urgently.

Please note that an incorrect email address for representations is given in the letter. The correct email address is 

Development in Morden

Letter to Residents about Crown Lane  Hotel Development.

Merton’s Character Study & Small Sites Toolkit

Consultation – Merton’s Character Study & Small Sites Toolkit – Back Garden “infills”

This consultation runs until March 23rd

The Character Study talks widely about “infill” to produce new housing sites, including in back gardens.  This applies to streets throughout the Ward, indeed throughout the Borough, but particularly to streets in the south of the Ward, which the study designates as part of an “Opportunity Area”. Continue reading “Merton’s Character Study & Small Sites Toolkit”

Boundary Review – The Reports

We shall not dwell on the Boundary Commissions outcome here. You can read more about that in our Autumn 2020 issue of FORUM.

However many of you have asked for links and further information on how the Local Government Boundary Commission of England (LGBCE) arrived at their conclusions, so here as some quick links for your reference.

The full final report is available here as a PDF

You can read the previous consultation’s and submissions by individual residents and all parties here


Merton Park Ward Boundary Review Submission

MPWIR have been genuinely overwhelmed and humbled by the sheer mass of responses to the Boundary Commissions plan to tear Merton Park Ward apart and reduce it to a two Councillor ward.

With over 100 of you writing in to the Boundary Commission, that we know of; we hope they will not ignore such a strong representation. MPWRA will of course keep you updated with the outcome. However, this is not the end of the line as any changes will once again be subjected to consultation across all wards.

For your interest, we have included Continue reading “Merton Park Ward Boundary Review Submission”

Improving Healthcare Together?

The NHS Surrey Downs, Sutton & Merton CCG’s have launched their latest consultation regarding the opening of a new ‘specialist emergency care unit’ at one of three sites (that’s A&E to us). The clinical commissioning group have set out their preference for this being in Sutton/Belmont, meaning that some services at St Helier Hospital would close, though the CCG assure us that 85% of services would remain. Whether you think that’s ‘Improving Healthcare Together’ is the question…! Continue reading “Improving Healthcare Together?”

Merton Climate Emergency – Have your say

In July 2019, Merton Councillors unanimously agreed to declare a climate emergency with the aim of making Merton carbon neutral by 2050.

The council will also work towards de-carbonising their own buildings and services by 2030.

However the truth of the matter is that over 90% of emissions in the borough come from transport and residents homes, taking much of the control out of the Council’s hands and into our own if we are to meet these targets.

So the council need and want your feedback asap! Consultation runs until 16th December. Follow the links and help form the first ever Merton Climate Emergency Action Plan!

Individuals can comment here

Organisations and Business can have their say here

(Both links open up in a new window)

Merton Community Involvement Consultation

Merton Council Logo

We know that Merton Park Resident’s like to have their say, in particular about planning issues.  Certainly the recent decision to not no longer publish planning representations online has caused dismay.

The ‘Draft Statement of Community Involvement Consultation’ is a great way to make your feeling known about how the Council consult on planning issues and how they make sure that what are often complex drawings and documents are accessible to all.

This consultation closes on the 8th of December so do hurry and make your voice heard before then!

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