Wimbledon Master Plan 2020

The Wimbledon Master Plan 2020 – otherwise know as the Future Wimbledon Supplementary Planning Document is now in the public domain and consultation on this document is open until March 6th. 

Note that the survey has a short video introduction. The survey will go on to ask your opinion on specific areas of the above document; so sit down with a cup of tea, (or glass of wine if you fancy being garrulous), and take time to read through the document.

Given that the Wimbledon Master Plan 2020, will inform the development of Wimbledon town centre for the foreseeable future; it is worth taking the time to complete the survey. It covers everything from living in Wimbledon, its economic development, transport, leisure, retail and more.

Putting the consultation in context, you may recall the ‘Draft Wimbledon Master Plan’ consultation back in late 2018.

After taking in all the draft future wimbledon masterplan responses that consultation informed the ‘Future Wimbledon Masterplan Consultation Report’ together, the draft consultation and the consultation report, brings us to where we are now; with a plan that the Council will hope reflects the many responses, opinions and input from residents across the borough.

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