Merton Park to Change Parliamentary Consituency?

Proposed transfer of Merton Park Ward from the Wimbledon & Coombe Parliamentary Constituency to Mitcham & Morden Parliamentary Constituency.

At stake is the electoral future of Merton Park Ward – whether it should remain in the Wimbledon Parliamentary Constituency or be transferred to the Mitcham & Morden Parliamentary Constituency.

The great majority of those contacting us have expressed their desire to remain in the Wimbledon Constituency, and asked for some ideas for their objections to the Boundary Commission. The Commission claims to have regard to “local ties and geographic factors” when determining parliamentary boundaries, so your submission should provide details of links to Wimbledon and how they are evident in your daily life.

However there are some misconception’s floating around on social media platforms that we do need to correct. The change of Parliamentary Constituency does not change our Local Authority which will still be the London Borough of Merton  –   nor does it change how we can vote in Local Authority elections.  We can  still field, and vote for, Merton Park Ward independent Resident candidates.

If the Boundary Commission’s latest proposal goes ahead, what would change is the area (constituency) in which we are voting in a general election only. 

MPWRA is committed to safeguarding Merton Park Ward within its present boundaries,  We have submitted this proposal to the Boundary Commission that will allow Merton Park and Cannon Hill to remain in the Wimbledon constituency.  There is no need to break up Merton Park Ward to achieve the size of electorate prescribed by the Boundary Commission.

What you may wish to do

Please write to the Boundary Commission to say that you live in Merton Park Ward and have always regarded yourself as living in part of Wimbledon (assuming that is the case)You can go on to say what you use or do in Wimbledon – e.g.  shops, station, theatres or ways that make you part of the community in Wimbledon.

It is essential that you do not say anything political.  The Boundary Commission is not allowed to take politics into account.

We understand that a petition has been raised and that is helpful – thank you.  Individual letters count for more so please write in even if you have signed the petition.

But time is getting short – you have until Monday 5th December to submit your comments to: Please copy MPWRA into your submission.

Read our comments to the Boundary Commission here

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