Why Another Green Initiative?

There are loads of great organisations asking people to be greener and petitions urging council and government to do more. Pictures of littered beaches and wildlife surround by plastic is distressing, but it can be difficult to appreciate how it affects you directly and how you can make a difference.

This is about all of us doing something at a grass-roots level. Making a difference to your immediate environment and making small changes to your own habits will eventually scale up to effect a wider cause.

Likewise, signing up to a petition agreeing that there is a ‘climate emergency’ is simply a passive gesture. Yes, we need local Council, the Government and Big Companies to take drastic action; but nothing will change while we as consumers continue to purchase from retailers who are only driven by money. For example, if everyone stopped buying plastic toothbrushes, Colgate would swiftly launch a bamboo version!

Additionally it is also effects change and growth in other ways and has a chain reaction. You reduce pollution by not using your car – you become fitter through walking more – you support  local shops more as you look for more plastic free products.

Of course that’s not to say you shouldn’t sign up for other initiatives from bigger organisations.

But while you’re waiting and campaigning for those big changes to happen; why not sign up now to our 30 Day Green Habit Challenge?

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