What is our Green Initiative?

We are asking people to take part in our 30 day Green Habit Challenge by choosing 1 or 2 green initiatives that they would find easy to do for 30 days. (With a view to their actions becoming longer terms habits.)

Download a pledge sheet with daily chart to help you! Encourage others to get involved by commenting on posts on this page and sharing hints, tip or useful links. And of course let us know how your challenge is going!

Listed below are just a few green actions, but we would love to hear what YOU could do and would be willing to pledge.

Possible Challenges:
  1. Rid one room of plastic – Look around just one room in your house and look at ways to rid it of plastic.
  2. No New Purchases – Part of the issue is just mindless consumerism and we can all look to spend less by reusing or recycling old items.
  3. Cout Out Red Meat – Beef production is one of the biggest causes of methane into the atmosphere as our desire for red meat has grown.
  4. Save on utilities. Leaving appliances turned on, or on standby, when not in use, is a waste of electricity and increases your bills. Plus, why would anyone want to give an energy company more money than they have too?
  5. Cut down on your Car Usage – Most people insist they need a car and could not live without one. However, far too many of us are guilty of using the car for short journeys; popping to the shop, dropping stuff off or taking the kids to school. Let’s cut this out and be healthier too!
  6. No More flights? –Heathrow’s 3rd means 25,000 extra flights per year! Understandably many residents are opposed to the noise and pollution that this would bring. But in defence of Heathrow it is just meeting consumer demand…. Well we as consumers need to not demand it!

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