White Hart Pub

White Hart Pub Redevelopment 

The White Hart pub next to the tramcrossing on Kingston Road lies just one track’s width outside our ward.

It has been closed for some time and efforts to re-let it have proved unsuccessful.  The land belongs to the Rutlish Foundation and the Trustees are now considering ways to make better use of the site and hope to submit a planning application in Spring 2018.  They are seeking feedback on initial proposals.  Here are the details which were also circulated to households living close to the site and here are all the diagrams (click on ‘read more’) displayed at the exhibition in December 2017 at the Old Rutlishians’ Association Clubhouse.
The Trust itself is a charitable foundation supporting young people who either live or were born in the Ancient Parish of Merton or who have been pupils at Rutlish School.  It provides study grants for their secondary and higher education.

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