Merton’s Character Study & Small Sites Toolkit

Consultation – Merton’s Character Study & Small Sites Toolkit – Back Garden “infills”

This consultation runs until March 23rd

The Character Study talks widely about “infill” to produce new housing sites, including in back gardens.  This applies to streets throughout the Ward, indeed throughout the Borough, but particularly to streets in the south of the Ward, which the study designates as part of an “Opportunity Area”.

Opportunity Area roads are Sandbourne Avenue, Daybrook Road, Morden end of Dorset Road, Morden end of Kenley Road, Windermere Avenue, half (Morden end) of Grasmere Avenue, Morden Road, Morden end of Martin Way and all roads south and west of Morden Road and Martin Way.

The Study defines  Opportunity Areas as being  “identified as significant regional locations with development capacity to accommodate new housing, commercial development and infrastructure (of all types).”

This could have a huge effect on the area we live in and we want you to have the opportunity to have your say.  We have to be aware of course of the need for sites for new housing in London.

To access the Character Study and the consultation please press control and click on the following link:

Character Study 2021 (

In addition you may like to look at the Small Sites Toolkit which goes hand in hand with the Character Study and is also open to consultation until March 23rd.

Small Sites Toolkit 2021

Small Sites Toolkit – Background Information

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  1. It should not be possible to renew Morden Town centre and environs without first redeveloping the bus station and adopting pollution free buses.Once clean machines are invested in,the High street could be pedestrianized and become clean of all pollution.Aim for a mini modal hub style bus station.

    Infill residential development in back gardens is not do able for several reasons: No proper access, loss of amenity to existing residents. Sub class of building -flat/condo/low profile build- would not sit well side by side with existing housing terrace layouts.Loss of light, lack of out door leisure space/gardens for any new structures

    Funding.If source is GLA loan then a development partner would expect a return on their investment that could not be built with any degree of certainty.If a grant, no need for a development partner.

    If action to start on a renewal plan is not imminent then yet another funding opp could be lost. ( see previous history of lost opps)

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