Low Traffic Neighbourhood for Merton Park

The proposals include:

  • No-Entry into Sheridan Road from Mostyn Road & One-Way westbound in Sheridan Road (from Church Lane to Mostyn Road).
  • No-Right Turn from Church Lane into Kingston Road.
  • No-Right Turn from Kingston Road into Church Lane.
  • No-Left Turn from Aylward Rd into Leafield Rd

Back in the early days of the pandemic last year, as the sun shone and the roads of Merton Park grew unnaturally calm as the traffic disappeared, we were told about Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTN’s) and how they could improve opportunities for walking and cycling by discouraging through traffic. Instead, School Streets came along first, and LTN’s got pushed to the back of the queue for funding from TfL.

Now as the winter rains fall and the traffic is back, you have the opportunity to comment on a possible LTN for Merton Park.  This has been drafted by TfL with information from Merton’s Traffic and Highways department, and is designed to prevent through traffic from using Merton Park’s residential roads to bypass congestion on Kingston Road.  Houses in the roads affected have received a newsletter and plan from the council, but if you have not seen it you can download a copy here.

This LTN differs from early LTN’s in other London boroughs in two important respects. Consultation is to take place before the LTN is implemented, not concurrently; and road closures do not depend on physical barriers (eg planters), but rely on ANPR cameras to monitor banned turns. This is to allow access for emergency vehicles without restrictions.

Everyone within the catchment area of the LTN will be affected in different ways depending on their usual patterns and modes of travel, and everyone will need to come to their own views on its potential benefits and drawbacks.

  • Will it make your road quieter and safer for pedestrians and cyclists by eliminating through traffic?
  • Are you prepared to change your own travel patterns to accommodate the LTN?

MPWIR is here to represent the residents of Merton Park, and as your ward councillors we believe in listening to what you have to say.  We undertake to support the outcome of the consultation, and respect the views of the majority on whether or not to go ahead with the proposed LTN for Merton Park.

Remember to:
Download the newsletter
Respond to the survey by Friday 5th February.

You can also see other LTN proposals and further reading here.

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  1. With the exception of the residents of the specific roads included it will simply force traffic onto the nearby streets. The other roads will become more heavily congested making it harder for all residents to get around. This plan looks really ill-thought-out. If you want to help us with cameras, put some speed cameras up on the rat-run routes of Mostyn road and Dorset road. This will reduce some of the benefits of cutting through our area.

  2. Totally agree with your comments John. I would also add two other points sitting in traffic adds more pollution particularly for residents living on Kingston Road and Tudor Drive. Secondly this plan will create more traffic in Mostyn Road where there is a School entrance which defeats the supposed reason for this change, the protection of pedestrians and cyclists.

  3. Are you sure these are drafted by TFL and not the Merton traffic officers?

    The Aylward Rd “no left turn” is easily bypassed by turning in the cul-de-sac section and making a “no right turn”.

    Nothing is done to address the problem junction at Dorset Road and the desire line along Kingswood Road.

    The neighbouring Dundonald scheme has been shelved because it wasn’t very good.

  4. Interesting article in The Times on Saturday 13 Feb: “LTN’s are being introduced in wealthier streets at the expense of poorer neighbouring roads according to an analysis by The Times”.
    “Average property prices within the new zones are up to 70 per cent higher than on the roads that surround them, it found”.
    So hard luck to Dorset, Kingston Roads etc – but congratulations to Sheridan Road, where relatively few houses get an enormous boost (and a rare one-way street) at the expense of increased traffic on the surrounding roads and causing major inconvenience to local residents.

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