Heathrow Consultation – Part III

The next stage of Heathrow’s expansion plans are now open to public consultation.

The Heathrow Consultation team will be holding a public meeting on:

Sat 17th  August |10am to 4pm | Everyday Church, 30, Queen’s Road, Wimbledon, SW19 8LR

However, like the last consultation, this is not asking you whether you want a 3rd runway or not. It is instead looking for feedback on a number of topics within the following categories:






Preferred Masterplan | Travelling to and from Heathrow – Surface Access | Construction

Future Operations | Local Neighbourhoods

Managing the Effects of Expansion (The Environment!) | Compensation | General Feedback

Each of the topics has a number of sub categories with accompanying videos which generally needs to be viewed for you to be able to comment thoughfully on the issues at stake so do put some time aside for this! Luckily the consultation is open until 13th Sept.

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