Eastern Electric Festival 2019

Eastern Electrics is fast becoming the ‘Marmite of Morden’ with lovers and haters of this annual  music festival voicing their support, or dismay, in equal measure.

The festival organisers have applied for a 5 year license to grow the event. On the one hand, the event does bring in much needed revenue for the council, but understandably local residents are concerned about the noise levels and associated anti-social behaviour that such events can attract.

The first residents engagement meeting took place on November 22nd.

MPWRA have published the minutes of the meeting so that you can be better informed about what the event involves and how it is managed. At the time of writing, representations to the council need to be submitted by 11th Dec 2018.

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  1. Its against most residence to hold this noisey and quite destructive festival It is far too loud. last year over 250 residence complained, Stop worrying about money and think about the people who vote you in.

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